Wise Woman

There is a Wise Woman in all women, full of ancient wisdom and power. She is Mother, Crone, Healer, Sex Goddess, Midwife of Birth and Death, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother, Friend and Wife - all the different faces of strong womanhood that you can think or dream of. Wise Woman lives close to the natural world - animals and plants, wild landscape, and the ancient sacred places. Old as the woods, yet young as the buds in spring, she listens always to the deep inner instinct that tells her what she really feels and needs, and what is right for her loved ones and for the Earth. When we open to her she can lead us to the places that make our soul sing.

I am currently writing a new series of ebooks about finding Wise Woman. Each book will have 25 suggestions to help you connect with the Wise Woman within yourself. There will be sections about dream work, crystals, scrying and divination, spirit guides, herbal lore, trees, elemental beings and much more. Each book also has a short introduction explaining how to write a Wise Woman journal of your own, helping you to gain more insights and keep a record of your progress.

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