My Dream Book

We spend roughly one third of our lives asleep and during these hours our unconscious mind produces vivid imagery in the form of dreams. Dreams reveal our true selves, unmasking our fears, hostilities, hidden talents and desires. Often we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up and ignore their valuable messages. Yet dreams can teach you a lot about yourself and others, helping you with problems, and guiding you on your life’s path. And beyond that, some dreams are mysterious and powerful, leading us deeper, to explore hidden aspects of the psyche.

This book gives a wealth of suggestions about exploring your dreams and using them for personal and creative development. We begin with a brief history of dreams in human culture before moving on to advice on how to prepare for and record your dreams. Next we learn about dream analysis, common dream types and the strange world of symbolism. Finally, you can learn about more advanced dream exploration and consider joining a dream group in order to work with others. 

You can buy `Exploring Your Dreams' on Amazon or from any good book seller. It is also available as an eBook. 

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